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- Bianca O. 

"So many memories made at All About Art... From making gifts for family and friends, birthday parties, and taking our students to decorate their own ornaments! Even when we weren't able to take a field trip there, they would come to the classroom. Love this place and the woderful laddies that own it!!!


Our Story:

It began at age 23. Jessica was a bright eyed, bushy tailed, excited young college graduate ready to take on the world. Ready to leave her mark. As it turns out, it is harder to leave your mark from the moment you step off the podium at graduation than you think.

She got her first "REAL" job as a credit analyst at a bank .... Lots of paperwork, lots of computer time, and not a lot of human interaction. Needless to say this is not the best fit for a creative and slightly attention defect personality.

As she began to search for a better fitting outlet, She ran across (in a very odd turn of events) a "Paint Your Own Pottery" Studio that was for sale.

Of course being the overly confident, and never let go of any idea after she has it, type person that she is, She immediately began to plan a future for this business.

With a ton of support and guidance from her family and now husband, she was able to begin to pursue this opportunity in early 2010. The doors were opened July 19th 2010.

Two years later business was booming and this young excited girl needed some help. So, She did what any sensible person would do, She asked her MOM (Regena Lacey) to become her business partner. She was (and is) brilliant! The women is bursting with creativity, ideas, support, and love for this business. She has helped All About Art accomplish so much more than Jessica could have ever imagined.

We are now 10 years into this adventure and could not be more proud! Thanks to our AMAZING community and the support from our customers, friends, and family, All About Art continues to grow and flourish each day.

We are so thankful and we are so blessed. We praise God everyday for what He has allowed to happen here.

We pray that we continue to be a positive addition to Enterprise and our Beautiful Downtown!

We have lots of ideas in store and lots of opportunities to pursue, so pay attention... there is so much more to come!


Thank You,

Jessica Goodson and Regena Lacey (owners and Instructors)

me and jess
me and jess
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